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  • 2020-09-15 03:02:01 PM
    Tips for HR managers to avoid playing favourites at work

    Tips for HR managers to avoid playing favourites at work

    As human beings, it's natural that we like a certain person more than another person. However, in the workplace, showing favouritism as a manager affects employee morale and often leads to conflict. Here are seven tips to reflect on to help avoid playing favourites, according to Glassdoor:


    1. How and to whom you delegate work


    Everyone should have an equal chance to take on challenging and important projects. When you assign certain types of tasks to one team member, you need to think whether the move could possibly be depriving the other teammates of a growth opportunity. Additionally, make sure you are giving the same level of detail for every team member. 


    2. How you deliver feedback to different team members


    Whether you prefer a more casual or formal approach to deliver feedback, make sure you are using the same tone to every team members and avoid softening critiques of certain members.


    3. Any generalisation you make about team members


    Reflect on the assumptions you make towards your team members based on age, ethnic background, race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. Review whether these are impacting your views on their capability and competency. Try to avoid stereotypes towards your team and be empathetic. 


    4. Who you praise publicly and who you don't


    Rethink whether there is a tendency for you to praise certain members and whether there is a personal reason behind this. 


    5. How you evaluate people for a job or a performance review


    Do you have a tendency to hire certain type of talents and what are the reasons? 


    6. How and with whom you exchange casual banter 


    As a manager, if you tend to share your personal lives with certain team members, other team members might feel neglected and marginalised, which is not good for company morale.


    7. Who you go to for advice


    Avoid making decision based on only feedback shared in an echo chamber (where someone is simply echoing your sentiments). Try talking to different people on advice and get a more expansive perspective. 


    REF: Written by Samantha Chan


    Category: LeadershipPublished: 15 September 2020

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