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Mechanical Fitter-Limpopo:

Job Number: 65638

FT Contract
Mechanical Fitter
MS Word
  • Always promote safe work leadership during maintenance activities on COMPANY
  • equipment, as fitter and team leader.
  • Assemble the various sub-assemblies of an COMPANY machine into a working unit.
  • Move any piece of COMPANY equipment into or out of a working position at a mine site,
  • quarry, or other such location.
  • Perform necessary inspections on a newly assembled COMPANY machine to make sure
  • that it will operate properly on start-up.
  • Perform specific tests on COMPANY equipment, such as stall-test, output feed size
  • gradations, lubrication feed rate measurements, temperature monitoring, take current
  • overload readings etc.
  • Perform troubleshooting and problem solving tasks to identify the root cause of any
  • problems being experienced with equipment.
  • Monitor COMPANY equipment operating in the field for the purpose of improving the
  • performance, either in terms of throughput rate, output product size, ability to handle
  • difficult (eg. Hard or sticky) material, or for any other reason. Thereafter the Service
  • Engineer must be able to present his suggestions to the customer, or to the COMPANY
  • sales or design company, and also carry out the necessary work to effect the
  • changes required.
  • Remove broken or damaged equipment and replace it with new/repaired equipment.
  • Provide training and/or instruction to the customer’s workforce on how to perform
  • maintenance tasks in a safe effective manner.
  • Record suggestions for design improvements and feed these back as part of the site
  • reporting, so that they can be passed on to COMPANY Design and Consultancy.
  • Skills and knowledge transfer to assistant workforce and trainees(apprentices)
  • Perform all physical activities that are required to fulfil the duties described above in
  • a safe and professional manner, either alone or in conjunction with other persons
  • who may, or may not be familiar with COMPANY equipment. This work may involve:
  • Making use of heavy tooling
  • Moving large or bulky parts manually
  • Working at heights and in confined spaces
  • Working in extreme weather conditions
  • Working long shifts
  • Carry out high levels of physical strenuous work
  • Work involving the extensive use of hard power tools
  • Work in conjunction with other engineering disciplines, such as electrical
  • engineering, civil engineering, rigging and haulage, customer’s production operators
  • etc.
  • Communicate with representatives of the customer, at all levels, on technical and
  • engineering matters relating to the job at hand.
  • Perform all work in relation to the overhaul of an COMPANY machine, including the
  • removal and replacement of:
  • Sizer and feeder shafts
  • Wear component
  • Bearings
  • Fluid Couplings
  • Gears and seals
  • Electro-mechanical and hydraulic drives

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  • Must have experience working with large industrial machinery 
  • Must have a trade test
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the large industrial machine industry
  • Must have experience working in mining environment

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