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Regional Sales Manager - Western Cape-Cape Town:

Job Number: 64058

Regional Sales Manager - Western Cape
Consumer Products - FMCG
Cape Town

Reporting to National Sales & Merchandising Manager

The following is a non-exhaustive list of your duties and responsibilities to the Company:
To utilize your best endeavors to ensure profitability
Ensure consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning;
Manage sales areas to maximize sales revenues and meet company objectives;
Drive the sales team at a pace that will deliver results whilst leading from the front and personally achieving the target;
Meet the targets set for you by management from time to time in respect of the sales of the company's products as well as the other products/principles sold and marketed by the Company;
Set daily/monthly/annual targets and monitoring performance and ensure that sales targets are met each and every month as agreed to and in conjuction with the company and it’s principles.
Manage and ensure that stores are not over or under stocked with Company products;
Establish performance goals for each employee, and monitor if the employee is able to meet the expectations or not;
Co-ordinate the sales operation with all the other departments of the company;
Run morning and team meetings with sales representatives and merchandisers
Carry out monthly one on one reviews and quarterly appraisals;
Coach, train and develop sales staff and develop sales training and incentive programs
Establish and manage effective programs to compensate, coach appraise and train sales in conjunction with the Human Resources manager;
Recruit staff, organize and approve staff holidays and the preparation of rosters for approval by the National Sales and Merchandising Manager
Continuously motivate the sales team and inspire them to stay focused on company goals;
Follow up and immediately report back regarding all sales queries to customers/National Sales & Merchandiser Manager;
Ensure the appropriate and timely use of all marketing material;
Generate additional sales;

Maintain the office profile by set standards and develop market share;

Be aware of market conditions and trends;
Ensure instructions are set up correctly and the customer’s requirements are exceeded;
Maintain a presence;
Sell all company services strongly and ethically;
Sell company services to generate new and repeat business;
Keep records of all sales activities;
Produce monthly reporting statistics;
Progress sales deals to completion and deal with difficult customers on behalf of the team;
Ensure constant communication up and down the hierarchy;
Set up and ensure all office systems and company policies are adhered to;
Ensure all written communication is appropriate, accurate and follows company's standards (NB);
Identify opportunities and negotiate more space at store level;
Monitor and maintain the company’s reputation and uphold the company’s values and culture;
Deal with complaints received from customers;
Be result and goal oriented;
Implement the 4P’s at all times pride, performance, passion, professionalism;
Required to carry out store visits as well as assist with store in the absence of sales representatives in the capacity of a sales representative as prescribed by management within your portfolio, which stores may vary from time to time at the discretion of management;
Maintain a constant presence in store
Analyzing, rectifying and improving stores and training sales representatives at field level to maximize sales.
Required to obey all lawful instructions as issued by management from time to time; and
Calculation and management of cost effective routes
Any other requirements as may be requested by the Company from time to time.
Ensure set targets are met / exceeded ethically and responsibly each month

Merchandising Management:

Ensure space allocation and location of this space is properly maintained and merchandised and have the necessary materials and tools on hand for merchandising.
Ensure that space allocations are properly stocked at all times.
Ensure product knowledge, including knowing the best sellers, slow sellers and item codes.
Work closely with the sales and merchandising teams to ensure that space and sales are maximized in all stores.
Maintain a high level of integrity, business ethics and sound judgment as you perform your duties.
Be able to meet or exceed all goals, duties and responsibilities monthly.
Perform physical tasks such as merchandising and traveling.
Demonstrate efficient skills in performing job duties and requirements.
Assist and learn from the National Sales & Merchandising manager.
Contribute to cost saving initiatives
Communicate overstocking and under stocking to management
Illustrate the correct product mix and display in stores via photographs
Ensure the best use of shelf space, shape and stock display
Ensure there is little or no backup with minimum returns
Ensure routes are followed with maximum productivity
Ensure the top sellers are always available in store and well displayed, and increase exposure of these items as far as possible, especially cross merchandising opportunities.
Ensure feedback is given to head office regarding each store
Photographs of each store visit must be taken before and afterwards and sent to Head office and reviewed on a daily basis and action taken accordingly.
All accidents etc. must be reported immediately for claims and insure purposes
Call reports must be submitted daily
Give feedback monthly regarding improvements that could be made to improve efficiency of the current merchandising kits in store. Follow product plan-o-grams and display stock correctly in store. Ensure merchandising kits are maintained well and used at every store. If responsible for a company vehicle follow all company vehicle policies and ensure car is ready for daily or weekly inspection.  If responsible for company vehicle mileage must be reported to fleet manager regularly and any maintenance issues must be reported immediately. Report customer complaints to the sales manager. Must always wear prescribed uniform and be helpful to customers in stores


Meeting Sales Goals, Motivation for Sales, Territory Management, Presentation Skills, Performance Management, Building Relationships, Emphasizing Excellence, Negotiation, Results Driven, Sales Planning, Managing Profitability

Working Hours:  Monday to Thursday from 7:30 to 16:15. The nature of the duties may require staff to work at times other than the normal stipulated hours of work.


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Matric Qualification
2 or more years’ experience as a sales representative.
Experience with FMCG is beneficial
Valid Driver’s Licence
Own Vehicle


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