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QA/QC Inspector (QA/QC Inspector)

Candidate: 85145
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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QA/QC Inspector
R400000- R0
Operations Management
Certificate in Welding:Mig/Mag (CO2) Welding, Manual Metal Arc Welding, Gas tungsten Arc Welding (Pipe)
Certificate in Production Management:Production Management 1, Human Resource Management 1, Quality Management 1, Logistics Management 1, Information Technology , Financial Management 1, Applied Mathematics 1, Integrative Application Project 1
Diploma in Production Management:Production Management 2, Human Resource Management 2, Quality Management 2, Logistics Management 2, quantative Methods 1, Financial Management 2 ,Applied Mathematics 2, Integrative Application Project 2
IIW Welding and fabrication inspector level 1 & 2. CP exams :Iiw
Grade 12:
MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Explorer, MS Outlook, E-Mail, Internet, Windows (basic), Microsoft
Seeking employment: Seeking employment From 2019-05 To Current

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Seeking employment

Mining: Quality specialist consultant From 2018-04 To 2019-04


Compiling the complete qms system from start to finish including commissioning.

All systems procedures, subcontract auditing, vendor inspection, review and compile code data files, problem solving, fish bone diagram, all quality related inspection and auditing, site visitation to resolve site issues and consultancy to get the work in accordance with the construction code.

NDT methods review and approve procedures, liaising with AIA approved inspection companies, rubber inspections, corrosion inspections, sandblasting, galvanizing inspection, painting, pressure testing etc.

Utilities: QA/QC Senior Inspector From 2014-06 To 2018-04
  • Working with Contractors: Kentz, Hitachi, Alstom, Clyde Bergemann, Hansen Gear Boxes, Melco Conveyor Equipment, Tenova Inspection, Dunlop, Robor Pipe Systems, Abeyla Trading, Dancokom, IQS International, Babcock, Tubular, Rubber to Metal, Tudor Engineering, Rowans Construction, WBHO, Prodin, GWE, A Leita Steel, SJM Engineering, FPS, Lesedi Nuclear Services, Generec, Nessa Engineering, Turnmill Pro, Vanashe Steel, SA Compensators, Andrew Mentis, MBA Engineering, Tshepo Themba Engineering, DBT/SPX, Grinaker LTA, Rands Sand Blasting, Bull Dog, IE Piping, Celik Engineering, CMP Engineering, WEIR Minerals, Ramfab Engineering, Mammerle, Pro Quip, LCV Engineering, Metal Plus.
  • Verifying the correct scope of work, Conducting all relevant NDE’s applicable before and after welding. Preparing all code data packs accordingly for review. 
  • Verifying all heat treatment QCP’s according to the relevant code in use. Montior all heat treatment activities before, during and after welding and timeously.
  • Various exotic materials and thicknesses worked on big bore and small bore piping. Controlling of all welding activities including hot boxes, welding consumables, hot grinding. 
  • Ensuring that all work meets the relevant code in use. 
  • Codes used BS EN 12952 -2 /3, ASME IX.NDT methods used acid etching, MPI, PT, Boris cope, UT, RT
  • Conducting vendor inspection ensuring contractor adheres to all contractual agreements, Co coordinating inspection activities from begin to end and Liaising with Clients.
  • Consulting on the relevant code in use and as to what is acceptable and not, reviewing of code data books accordingly and consulting with contractors as to how to correct their QMS including ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001. 
  • Various NDT Methods used UT, RT, MPI, UT, Acid Etching, Pressure Testing, Trial and Assembly, signing off all relevant hold points and a full daily comprehensive report on vendors, sub suppliers inspected/visited for the day and their findings. Various different boiler exotic materials and thickness worked on including authentic stainless steel ALXN.Co coordinating inspection activities from begin to end. And Liaising with Clients. Complete QMS system auditing and final accepting and dispatching of goods accordingly to drawing, QMS and code data requirements. Various Stainless piping projects and pressure but not limited to Ducting, Structural Steel, Conveyors, Rubber lining inspection, Galvanizing, various different gear box inspection, conveyor rolls and steel idlers. Ensuring that all requirements are met prior to dispatching including various NDT methods and code data book requirements. Codes used BS EN 12952 /3, ASME IX, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, AWS D1.1, API 510, and API 650.

De Beers Venetia Project
Genrec – Murray and Roberts – IQS International

  • QA/QC Inspection 3rd Party Client Inspector
  • Daily inspection of various Structural steels and production status updates, reviewing of final code data books for acceptance according to code and client requirements. Daily report writing on work in progress and tonnage released, Liaising accordingly with all the relevant site inspectors and site visits to ensure all fabricated items meet the requirements on site accordingly and raising non conformances where applicable.
  • NDT methods used UT, RT, MPI, and PT; Codes used ASME IX, AWS D1.1, and ASME B31.1.

Eskom Medupi Power Station
Lesedi Nuclear Services – IQS International 

  • Auxiliary Cooling, Piping big bore & small bore complete scope of work from ground phase. 
  • GA drawing, P &ID drawing, valves, strainers, pumps, bellows, compressor house piping full installation and commissioning of the project, reviewing and compiling of code data files accordingly to code in use, Reviewing NDT reports, pressure testing the applicable lines and final presentation of fabrication work to clients approved inspection authority.
  • Complete QMS management & auditing was conducted.
  • NDT methods used UT, RT, MPI, and PT; Codes used ASME IX, AWS D1.1, and ASME B31.1.

Oil refinery : QA/QC Inspection 3rd Party Client Inspector From 2013-10 To 2013-11
  • Inspection on all pressurized equipment as per scope of work including piping, heat exchangers, pressure vessel inspection and structural steel.Compling data books from begin to end. Various exotic materials and thicknesses used, Various NDT methods used UT, RT, MPI, PT, Eddy Current, Pressure Testing, Codes used ASME IX, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, API 510, AWS D1.1.

Seeking employment: Seeking employment From 2013-12 To 2014-05

Seeking employment


Seeking employment

Energy - Gas: QC Quality Inspector From 2012-07 To 2013-09
  •  Gas Circuit
  • Piping/Pressure Vessels/Heat exchangers/ Pressurized Equipment/ Petrochemical
  • Repairs on tube sheets – Heat exchangers, Repairs on Various Gas lines, cyclones. Repairs on vessels, Tanks, Cataylyst hoppers, nozzles, windows in the reactor.
  • Witnessing Pre Heat/Post weld heat treatment ,Material ID, Welders qualification, visual inspection , new fabrication and new spool pieces, witnessing transfer of cast numbers, Conducting Pressure tests on Site and Workshop, carrying out hardness testing
  • Inspection on fit ups, boroscopes,flanges,various diameters of pipes. Reading and interpreting drawings, compiling and reviewing data packs.
  • Field releasing and workshop releasing according to FTP, Working to WPS.Various NDT Methods used and monitored – UT, MPI, PT, RT
  • Ensuring all non conformances are communicated to the relevant parties
  • Ensuring all procedures are adhered to at all times, Safety first
  • Working at heights inside vessels, Laising with IPE/AIA inspectors
  • Ensuring all welding parameters are being followed


Mining: Quality Surveyor From 2011-9 To 2011-11
Inspection of conveyors including pulleys, idlers, roller checks, correct degree of in- stallion Knee braces, angle iron, sheeting’s, wind hoops, packers
Inspection of elevation levels using dumpy levels
Pipe work including correct direction, coordination, flanges, gaskets, rubber seals
Structural, correct bolts used, tightened to correct torque, grid work, hand rails, beams,
Columns cross bracings
Reading the above plant drawings with the assistance of Engineers to punch.
Inspection of Shoots including Polly Liners, tilling
Cyclone Pumps visual inspection that all bolts are installed correctly.
Inspection of paint on thickener using a DFT meter, checking micro thickness of painting
Welding Inspection of Tanks, Sumps, lifting hooks on large fabrication using
Penetration testing Method (PT) and visual inspection ensuring all parameters
Are being followed.

Mining Equipment: Quality Control Inspector From 2011-5 To 2011-8
  • Inspection of flame proof electrical boxes according to SANS IEC 60079 and 
  • SABS specification and drawing. Inspection includes checking Flanges according 
  • To the above Specification which is scratches, rust, dirt, damage, distance between the nearest Inside edge or outside edge, check if any gaskets in the flame paths Been Removed, enclosure wall for damage, checking quality and shapes of welds,
  • Inspection of Refuge Chambers according to specification, dimension
  • Drawing. Checking quality amd appearance of welding according to the specification.
  • Inspection of generators
  • Inspection of all incoming and outgoing material, according to dimension, drawing and Specification.
  • Inspection of all laser cut materials. 
  • Inspection of all stainless steel components according to drawing, dimension
  • And Specification with the vernier, go and no go gauge and mic,s.
  • Calibration of the various tools.
  • Assist with the electrical wiring of the flame proof electrical boxes, welding of it,
  • Repairs, pressure testing.
  • Inspection and wiring of flame proof tractor head lights.
  • Fair Knowledge of CNC operation.
  • Provide daily feedback to various departments and management.
  • Prepare reports, problem solving solutions.

Steel tube and pipe manufacturer : Q.C Quality Inspector From 2011-11 To 2012-06

Making data books for quality systems and reviewing them
Ensuring correct procedures are adhered to at all times
Inspection of all incoming materials according to specification and Certificates
Ensuring correct heat /cast numbers are stamped and transferred accordingly
Reading and Interpreting Drawings
Inspection Reports on all fabrication and welding done
Ensuring all consumables are stored and issued correctly
Measuring of Jigs according to drawings and verifying it. Inspection of all welding done
Reading X-Rays from the third party NDT Company to verify correct Standards are met.
Monitoring all NDT Processes MPI and PT are done according to procedure
Ensuring all non-conformances are communicated to the relevant parties
Inspection of all material being used dimension, appearance, specification
Inspection of all completed work according to drawing and specification
Implementing quality systems
Ensuring all welding parameters are being followed
Site Visits, maintain safety at all times
Processes used MIG and TIG, checking profile thickness using a DFT Meter
Working according to ISO 9001 / 14001 standards
Reviewing of data books, requesting NDT inspections from Raysonics
Carrying out Ball Passage and pressure tests.
Liaising with third party inspectors from Eskom, DB thermal, Hitachi
Working according to WPS and ITP’s
Working with a level two inspector and drawing up WPS and PQR’s
Welder qualification and inspecting all production
Inspection on all bent pipes accordingly, wall thinning and ovality
Checking correct degree of bevel on pipes.

Seeking employment: Seeking employment From 2010-09 To 2011-04

Seeking employment

Automotive - Motor Vehicles: Quality (SAIW) From 2006-01 To 2010-8
  • Manage people, processes, time study, stock levels, safety, time keeping and attendance
  • Project planning and control, department budgets, minimizing over time
  • Increase productivity whilst maintaining world class quality
  • Maintain quality systems and continuous improvement on the current
  • Daily indepartemental communication and feedback
  • Provide continuous feedback to senior management about the problems and findings, and the appropriate countermeasures
  • Submit three continuous improvement projects a year.
  • Participate in various quality circles to improve working conditions for the organization, as well as reducing cost.
  • Updating and controlling of standardize work, training members
  • Very strong problem solving skills and improve on the plant layout continuously
  • Providing the necessary people and departments with shift report.

Team Leader Quality Department (Paint Plant Three)

  • Maintaining paint quality whilst achieving daily targets
  • Training people, weighing risks and making business decisions
  • Identifying problems and solving it threw the correct steps to improve SDR.
  • Maintain safety, reduce cost, attendance, down time, implement and make sure people adhere to specification.
  • Quality Circle Participation, continuous improvement Project submissions.

SQA (Shipping Quality Audits) Member

  • Daily 100% auditing of vehicles according to the CVIS standards.
  • (Paint, functional testing, appearance checks)
  • Road testing of vehicles Quality Circle Participation, continuous improvement
  • Project submissions

Team Member Test Track

  • High speed testing, as well as dynamic and functional checks
  • Carrying out repairs to items out of spec, monitoring fuel efficiency, quality circle 
  • Participation. Data capturing

Team Member Paint Mark Up

  • Marking up of defects out of specification. Data capturing.

Q.C Welding Inspector Body Shop

  • Inspection of all completed welds, which was done by robots and manually.
  • Filling out inspection reports.
  • Team Member Body Shop 
  • Welder/fabricator my duties included calibration of equipment (venire callipers, micro meters, spot welding guns and air tools), spot welding, manual welding and assembling of panels. (Mig/Mag, Brazing, Manual Metal Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding).I also worked as a welder on the production line, duties included stitch welding, grinding and the application of sealer to the required panels. 



Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Kempton Park
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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