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Candidate: 7659
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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R15000- R25000
Secretarial Diploma:Dictaphone typing, Word Processing, Typing, Shorthand, Business economics, Beauty Culture, Accountancy, Pastel Accounting, Lotus 1-2-3
Matric:English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Biology, Geography, Business economics
SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), SARS, MS Access, MS Word, Annual Reports, Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop CS3, Pastel Accounting, Movie, Photoshop, Galileo, Typing 60 wpm, MRP (Materials Requirement Planning), Facebook Ads, CRM, ERP, Syspro, SAP, Corel Draw, Harvard Graphics, Word Perfect, CC-Mail, Odyssey, Wordpro, SAGE, 3G, Smart Draw, Database Administration, Windows, Anti-Virus, BAAN, E-Mail, MS Projects, Cellular Phones, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange Server, Windows (basic), JD Edwards, ISO 9001, Wifi, FMCG Mainframe, Music, Forex, MCSE, Novell, Pastel Basic, PABX, Sequel, SLA, KPI, Website Content Management, Social Media, Platinum, CIPRO, OHS Act, Health and Safety Act, Adobe Illustrator, Pastel Partner, Accsyss, MS Excel, MS Explorer, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, DOS, Lotus Smartsuit, Pastel Evolution, Windows NT Workstations
Consumer Products - FMCG: FLM RMS Bulk From 2017-08 To 2018-08
  • Sustain communication initiatives by facilitating team meetings and having regular one on one discussions

  • Manage the stores procedures in the RMS Bulk, Production stores and Cold stores, to ensure that the daily and weekly plan is on target.

  • Monitor and control movement of stock physically and in SAP

  • Monitor stock movement between stores and production and track plant usage

  • Timeously identify and resolve any stock issues that would prevent the fulfilment of the production plan  

  • ensure the achievement of the KPIs of cost, service, quality, AIB, safety, COSO compliance and people development are maintained responsible for the weekly cycle counts

  • responsible for the correct execution of the cycle count as per the procedure
    facilitate the investigation and corrective action of all variances resulting from the weekly cycle count

  • report on the variances every Monday and suggest next steps to improve or prevent these variances

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA)

  • Performance monitoring of staff

Consumer Products - FMCG: Procurement Officer/Agronomy Support Administrator From 2015-10 To 2017-08

Agronomy Support Administrator

  • On a weekly basis I liaise & Review Isando, Parow and Propsecton potatoes payments, and ensure that all payments comply to the COSO requirement.
    • PLIR’s are checked according to a spec sheet i.e. SG grading, Super Bonus is given if SG is 1080 and above and total defects are less than 10%.  IPS bonus is also given
    • All grower statements are checked in both Access and LIMS
    • All loads are checked on SAP to ensure that the FLM inputs the correct calculations amounts.
    • The aging report is printed and checked with the grower statement to ensure ERS amounts are correct.
  • Manage and investigate monthly GRIR report for all Agronomy suppliers to ensure that all old receipts and PO’s are closed to avoid PPV’s.
  • Assisting and liaising with AP, Contract Scheduler and Agronomy team with all farmer/agronomy supplier queries.
  • Manage and record all agronomy invoices on the agronomy tracker to ensure efficient supplier payment and to reduce queries.(commodities/Potato Payments & Indirect Suppliers)
  • Assist Agronomy Manager and Team as well as the Procurement Team in creating PR’s and PO’s in SAP.
  • On weekly basis I ensure that ALL transport schedules for Isando/Prospecton and Parow are submitted to Clearwater which I check against COSO requirements (Rates Schedule) and working together with finance on the monthly transport recons.
  • Working in collaboration with AP and Plant FLM’s to check all transport receipts on SAP to ensure validation and readiness for payment to reduce queries of no payment to supplier and no capturing by AP.
  • Manage/load and communicate Agronomy Potato contract on Realyst to Agronomy team as well as external stakeholders.
  • Develop Potato Annexure A and B for potato contracts by signed Potato Agreement template submitted by Agronomist.
  • Loading all contract base price and bonuses on SAP to ensure the creation of potato PR and PO as well as loading base price and bonuses on LIMS, source list to ensure accurate payment calculations.
  • Handling and managing all new agronomy potato vendors as well as any non-agronomy vendors (including SAF forms)
  • Annual notification from OBARO (financial facility) regarding any farmers which have current sessions which result in changing banking details on SAP.
  • Managing and review weekly/monthly commodity payments Afgri/Botselo/Pride Milling/GWK/Willowton
  • Monthly basis LIMS Quantities are generated and submitted to finance to accrue for farmers schedulers and compliance bonuses.
  • Manage compliance bonuses and schedulers payments on a monthly basis for all farmers that complete contracts
  • Part of the SAP regression testing as a Super User for procurement.
  • Submitting/liaising with AP to ensure that payments are made on time to farmer
  • Monthly assist the FLM with closing of open orders, for the value to be added back into the contract.
  • Assisting in Quarterly COSO testing for Agronomy KC 10 & 13.
  • Complete the Post and park invoice process for claims.

I have received training to stand in for the Agro/procurement coordinator Role:

  • Develop OOC agreement which is in line with COSO requirements for commodity supply to production (mandate signed by SOA, OOC tracker, signed OOC within 48 hours on Realyst
  • I’ve received training on assisting the Agronomy Manager with LIMS Qty report required for Sector reports as a back-up when Procurement/Agronomy co-ordinator is on leave
  • Approve post fact forms when Agronomy officer is on leave

 Procurement Support Officer

  • Loading of New Vendor applications, Fast Track Vendors, Employee Reimbursements, Study assistances and vendor changes on SAP, as well to ensure that all applications comply with Procurement policy.
  • Develop and manage the Fast track application report to ensure compliance to procurement policy and ensure minimum risk to the organisation (this report is being use as a standard monthly report).
  • Liaise with Accounts Payable departments monthly to ensure all vendors were approved on BAAN to comply with COSO.
  • Approving all Purchase Requisition and purchase orders in line with the governance checks of the Procurement policy (Procure to Pay and SAP).
  • Report for Fast Track vendors to the Agronomy/procurement manager.
  • Approving of SAP Direct contracts on SAP.

I have received training to stand in for the Procurement Officer Role:

  • I have receive training on the BBBEE process, by consolidating the receipted value into a report which gets send to Decti monthly and analysing monthly expired BBBEE vendor and requesting Certificates from those vendors.
  • I have received training on the Open order process, which on a monthly basis the report is communicated to the organisation for investigation on open orders. 

Laboratory Supplies: Managing Member From 2012-02 To 2015-10
  • Managerial / Accounting / Purchasing / FOREX / SARS/ Customer Relations
  • Customer Services
  • Travel bookings / Accommodation bookings
  • Shipping
  • Customs

Mining / Manufacturing: Secretary - Senior From 2011-03 To 2011-09
  • Compile and type letters / reports and documents
  • Create database using access
  • Presentations on Powerpoin
  • Co-ordinating events
  • Travel and accomodation arrangements both locally and internationally

Mining: Sales Administrator From 2011-09 To 2012-03
  • Customer orders
  • Customer Services
  • Maintaining stock levels for the depot
  • Receiving stock and entering onto stock cards
  • Customer complaints and queries
  • Dealing with price queries
  • General secretarial work
  • Typing of regional reports

Automotive: P.A. / Marketing From 2006-07 To 2011-01

2008 - Present

  • Service / Spares Duties
  • Book jobs into Service department
  • Service Reception
  • Liasing with Clients on job progress
  • Cost job sheets from technician
  • Order and control spares
  • Customer liasing on spares using service manuals
  • Invoicing customers, maintenance contracts

2007 - 2008

  • Responsible for submitting and calculationg Director’s expenses
  • Compile & type letters / reports, documents
  • Compile and work on spreadsheets
  • Draw up presentations using PowerPoint / Freelance Graphics
  • Organise and set-up meetings
  • Faxing
  • Budgeting
  • Filing
  • Schedules
  • Sponsership schedules
  • Sponsership tracking
  • Assist with promotions and arrangeme functions
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Organising local and international travel arrangements
  • Processing daily sales orders from Sales Reps
  • Arranging for dealer seminars
  • Updating dealer pricelists (e-mail and faxing)


Engineering: Marketing / P.A From 2002-08 To 2005-03
  • Compile and type letters / reports and documents
  • Compile and work on spreadsheets
  • Presentations - Powerpoint
  • Organise and set up meetings
  • Communicate on all levels within the organisation especially at top management level
  • Co-ordinating of events
  • Travel and accomodation arrangements both locally and internationally

Pharmaceutical - Healthcare: Personal Assistant / Marketing From 2000-03 To 2002-07
  • Drawing up presentations using Powerpoint / Freelance graphics
  • Responsible for submitting and calculating Directors expenses
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Co-ordinating of events
  • Travel and accomodation arrangements
  • Work according to deadlines
  • Screening of calls
  • Directors expenses
  • Diary management
  • Able to work according to deadlines
  • Scheduling of appointments for Director
  • General office admin:
  • Faxing
  • Filing
  • E-mailing

Pharmaceutical - Healthcare: Secretary From 1999-09 To 2000-02
  • Departmental expenses
  • Advertising and promotional expenses
  • Basic rebate payments
  • Compile and type letters / reports and documents
  • Create database using access
  • Presentations on Powerpoint
  • Budget reconciliation for Product Manager and business development manager
  • Get new ideas for promotional items
  • Co-ordinating events
  • Travel and accomodation arrangements both locally and internationally

Chemical: Sales Administrator From 1996-07 To 1997-04
  • Customer orders
  • Arranging transport for customer orers
  • Maintaining stock levels for the depot
  • Receiving stock and entering onto stock cards
  • Customer complaints and queries
  • Dealing with price queries
  • General secretarial work
  • Typing of regional reports for various departments
  • Responsible for flight and accomodation bookigs as well as care hire for the Regional Manager
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Kempton Park
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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