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Engineer / Manager (Any industry)

Candidate: 51366
Available: Available
Location: Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Gender: Male
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Engineer / Manager
R0- R0
BSc : Electrical Engineering
BSc Electrical Engineering:Electrical Engineering
Grade 12:
ERP SAP, PLC &SCADA, Arduino, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft, MS Office, Solid Works, E-Mail, Internet, MS Projects, Autocad, Window, DCS, SAP, MS Word
Unemployed: Unemployed From 2021-05 To Current

Leading supplier of superior quality construction materials and technical solutions such as cement, aggregate and readymix concrete.: Electrical Corrective Manager [E+I] From 2015-07 To 2021-05
  • DMR 2.9.2/7.4 appointed electrical manager
  • Heavy current [Corrective] and Light current [Corrective and Preventative] combined role
  • Management, and hands-on role
  • Implement Corrective works (CAPEXs, OPEX projects, Breakdowns) as per requirements on site. ALL MV/MV high risk switchgear have been replaced on site.
  • Design electrical solutions, inclusive of the CAD drawings, and prepare documents for implementation.
  • Responsible for daily report on downtime, weekly report on OEE, RCA progress, weekly planning and attainment to plan, weekly utilisation of personnel and reasons for deviations, personnel management (1 PrEng Electronic Engineer, 1 Master Installation technician (with 3 technicians, 1 mechanician), 1 Electrical Team Leader (with 5 day-shift electricians, 3 electrical handymen, 4 shift electricians).

Electrical [E+I] Manager

  • DMR 2.6.1 - > 2.9.2 appointed electrical manager
  • Heavy current and Light current combined role
  • Management, and hands on role
  • Implement Corrective works (Capexs, Opex projects, Breakdowns and Preventative maintenance) as per requirements on site.
  • Design electrical solutions, and communicate the markups to the electrical draughtsman for update on CAD drawings, and prepare documents for implementation.
  • Responsible for daily report on downtime, weekly report on OEE, RCA progress, weekly planning and attainment to plan, weekly utilisation of personnel and reasons for deviations, personnel management (1 Automation Technician, 1 Master Installation technician (with 5 technicians), 1 Electrical Team Leader (with 7 day-shift electricians, 3 electrical handymen), 1 Electrical draughtsman, 1 Electrical Assistant.

Electrical equipment supplier : LV Product Manager From 2014-08 To 2015-06
  • Required to transition the LV business for Conco from junction boxes and LV changeover DBs which was a Conco standard to utilities, to a fully-fledged LV MCC manufacturer as per IEC60439.
  • The target for the first year was R3M of LV MCCs. I landed a R3.5M order and an additional R20M order for MV and a further R1M order for a solar plant.
  • Was required to build LV MCCs according to IEC60439.The scope was LV MCC and large DB design, engineering, manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning
  • Solar design
  • Built the business within 8 months by fostering relationships with OEMs, sheet metal suppliers, wholesalers, and end users.

Chemicals: Senior Electrical Engineer From 2011-02 To 2014-07
  • Cathodic Protection Sasol Lead. My role was to be the technical expert inclusive of audits, analysis of the data, assessment of the equipment, calculations on deviations, opex and capex project planning and engineering for improvement of reliability and availability of the plant, re-assessment and presentation of the data on a quarterly basis, including the reduction of maintenance and capex costs.
  • Involved with the basics of ETAP protection grading and fault studies.
  • Earthing and lightning protection Secunda lead, as a technical expert to the plant engineers.

Leading power and automation engineering : Senior Sales Engineer From 2009-02 To 2011-01

LV Systems:

  • Maintain and develop new sales avenues/client database regarding ABB LV switchgear.
  • Promote the new MNS-is range of equipment.
  • Suggest suitable solutions to the end-user based on his/her requirements.
  • Design switchgear using a design tool (ABB ME) as per client needs, according to IEC60439.



  • Market, sell, design ABB E-houses suitable for the installation of electrical equipment, viz MV and LV switchgear, generators, automation, small power etc as per the customer requirements and specification.
  • In the 2 years at ABB:
  • Sold the first MNS-IS switchgear in SADAC for R10.3M within 10months of working at ABB. ABB had been trying to sell this switchgear in Sub-Sahara Africa for the previous 3 years, unsuccessfully.
  • Developed the E-House concept from an idea (picture) to a working solution which has served as the base for the new ABB CSS department.
  • Sold the second MNS-IS switchgear in SADAC for R1M
  • Made the first ABB LV switchgear sale into Eskom on the Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme.
  • Sold the first mine E-house set to Burnstone Mine in Balfour, and controlled the original design.
  • Fostered strong relationships with EPCs, end-users, contractors, and consultants.
  • Represented ABB at marketing events and lecture days, even presenting on my subject matter amongst international delegates

Mining Cranes Steel processing and Manufacture Lifts Plastic Manufacturing Packaging Paper processing Water and Wastewater HVAC/R Cable Manufacture: Systems Applications Sales Manager From 2008-01 To 2008-04
  • Was to develop the solutions business with focus on metals industry.
  • Standardised two plants on CTSA VSDs in my short time purely on marketing the technical superiority of the CTSA VSDs

Innovative Electrical Products & Solutions: KZN Regional Manager From 2008-05 To 2008-08
  • Was hired as a branch manager, with the intention of retracting the System Integration aspect of the business from the external channel partners back to the OEM. External system integrators were making more revenue that the OEM, and cheaper Chinese imports of standard devices were flooding the market so to survive the only option was to retract the intelligent side of the portfolio. However, the company was sold to Schneider Electric. Subsequent to this, the Business Unit manager and the Top brass were removed from the structure and the National sales manager took over the country wide business, and it was then deemed that the system integration side would remain externally levered. I was therefore just a Branch Manager.
  • Re-introduced wholesaler training
  • Made in-roads into Architect and Interior designer specification of product
  • Re-structured the business flow of the branch for optimal performance

Turnkey Projects Suppliers and Manufacturers: Branch/Project Manager From 2008-09 To 2009-01
  • Was tasked with running the Branch in Boksburg along side a sales manager. The sales were poor and the branch didn’t need much management as there were less than 5 employees. This was not a working solution.
  • Was then converted to Project manager to bring in revenue based on technical expertise.
  • Secured contract between employer and oil separation company for design, panel building, installation and commissioning.
  • Commissioned the Komati Power station oil separation plant for Drizit in 8 days, despite having to re-wire the 3rd party MCC on site.


Leading power and automation engineering: VSD Sales and Design Engineer From 2006-11 To 2008-01
  • Was to develop the face-to-face contact between ABB VSDs and the clients.
  • Represented ABB at shows, technical days, MTE, end users, EPCs.
  • Introduction of 47 new clients to ABB client list
  • Introduction of 4 Drive Alliance partners to the ABB re-sellership program
  • Forged relationships with project houses, Eskom and other end users

Consumer Products - FMCG: Diapers Plant Electrical Engineer From 2004-05 To 2006-10

Electrical Engineer: Diapers Plant Electrical Engineer 01/06/06 – 31/10/06

  • Responsible for the planning, scheduling and implementation of electrical maintenance in the plant, with focus on “Big Win” areas.
  • Responsible for plant electrical innovation and process improvement.
  • eg. Designed, purchased, programmed and implemented an automatic product phasing system using a PLC and variable speed drives.
  • eg. Optimised the philosophy of operation and efficiency of operation of the liner unwinds.
  • Responsible for the skill improvement and training of the 4 electrical maintainer-operators and the electrical technician.
  • eg. On-the-job training done by myself, and specific PLC training identified for M/Os.
  • eg. Arranged for the electrical technician to finally get his trade test after 25 years of working experience.


Electrical Machine Engineer: Diapers Plant Apple Machine Electrical Engineer 01/08/05 – 31/6/06

  • Responsible for the planning, scheduling and implementation of electrical maintenance on APPLE DIAPER machine, with focus on elimination of preventable failures.
  • Responsible for plant electrical innovation and process improvement on APPLE DIAPER machine.
  • Part of the team targeting 500dpm by making continuous improvements to the machine.


Electrical Automation Engineer: Diapers Plant Electrical Process Engineer 01/05/04–01/08/05
Responsible for plant electrical innovation and process improvement in the Diapers plant.

Raw material in the manufacture of office paper and tissue wadding: Assistant Area Engineer From 2001-01 To 2004-04
  • Management of all engineering disciplines in the Coater, Coater Kitchen and Finishing Depts.
  • Liaison between the engineering team, and the production and technical teams
  • Answerable to higher management on Area performance.
  • Management of maintenance schedules, and over-seeing of gaps
  • Partial control of the departmental budget, and assisting in the preparation for annual application of funds
  • Plant analysis arising from customer complaints, investigation and identification of root cause (5Y), and allocation to appropriate owner. Over-seeing of progress
  • Plant analysis so as to improve performance, development of profit improvement projects
  • Preservation of good supplier relations so as to secure better service from suppliers
  • Develop innovative principles that enables new opportunities to be taken forward
  • Knowledge of Project management methodologies
  • Personnel assessment, development and management.
  • Risk management in terms of maintenance. Maintenance cycles, stock availability
  • Service Delivery innovation and continuous improvements


2,5-year E.I.T. program was divided as follows:

Projects Technician
01 June 2002 – 30 December 2002

  • Investigation, concept, planning, procurement, implementation and handover of projects
  • Assisting the Projects Electrical Technician in his projects as part of the team


Area Electronics Technician
01 December 2001 – 31 May 2002

  • Responsible for the electronic maintenance of equipment in the Coater, Coater Kitchen and Finishing depts.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting of electronic equipment under breakdown conditions, as part of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Implementation of mini-projects
  • First call electronic standby duties


Low Level Training Period
27 June 2000 – 30 November 2001

  • Training under the electrical and electronic depts., assisting the electricians and technicians on the different machines in the plant
  • Development of both the engineering aspects to the paper industry, as well as the production aspects, and the overall business aspects
  • Mini-project implementation
  • Introduction to the legislature governing the factory environment
  • General competency training
  • Acquiring of specialised skills required for employment as either an electrical or electronic technician
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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