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Supply Chain & Logistics Manager (Supply Chain & Logistics Manager)

Candidate: 3609
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Supply Chain & Logistics Manager
Supply Chain / Logistics Management
Diploma in Supply Chain / Logistics Management :Supply Chain Management , Procurement & Packaging , Logistics,Transportation,Inventory Management / Warehouse & Operations Facility Design,Environmental Analysis/Forecast & Demand,Creating Competitive Advantage
Grade 12:
MS Publisher, Microsoft, ISO 14001, Oracle Financials, ISO 9001, MS Access, MS Word, MS Visual Basic, Pastel, BAAN, E-Mail, Internet, MS Projects, Windows (basic), JD Edwards, Navision ERP, Exchange 2007, MS Excel, MS Explorer, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, CAPEX, Syspro, SAP, BOP
Distribution Service:  Supply chain/procurement + Logistics From 2018-03 To 2018-07
  • Maintain & Control  Departments – Sales & Requirements
  • Ensure Compliance With All Regulations Of Import/Export Functions
  • SARS/Duty/ And Customs  VAT Etc.
  • Ensuring Regular Month End Stock Takes
  • Ensuring Safe Custody Of All Stock (SKU’s)
  • Maintaining Adequate Insurance Of Stock
  • Liaising / Negotiating With Supplier Base/Vendors/Price Increments/Price Listing/Weighting Impacts/Planned Purchasing Strategies + Supplier Performance Reporting – Maximising Potential – Seeking Alternate Suppliers ,Conducting Interviews.
  • Define Monthly DRP To Maintain Balanced Stock Levels
  • Placing Proper Replenishment Of All SKU’s
  • Constantly Watching Forecasted Demands In Conjunction With Average Sales Requirements
  • Ensuring All Shipments (Air/Sea) Are Correctly Checked And CRV’d Into Stock (Inclusive Of All Discrepancies)
  • Taking Adequate Forex Cover For All Shipments
  • Ensuring Al Foreign Suppliers Are Paid Timeously
  • Ensuring That Projects And Workshop Requirements Are JIT
  • Maintaining Staff Performances Are At Optimum Levels With Work Flow At Maximum - Efficiencies
  • Employment Of Casual Labour, When Required
  • Ensuring Health, Safety,Quality And Environmental Standards Are Priority And Maintained
  • Working In Conjunction  With HR Department Inclusive Of Non Conformances – Maintaining Contracts/Agreements In Line To Policy
  • Integrating Business Planning & Strategies
  • Integrating Supply Chain Values And Efficiencies
  • Linking Supply Chain Performances To Organizational Performances. Cross Functional Within Projects
  • Improving / Transforming Supply Chain – Planing & Strategies Methods.
  • Systems : Embrace / Sap / Leech V-Lookup and Pivot Tables

Is a leading information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider: Procurement/Marketing & Distribution Management From 2016-07 To 2017-12
  • Complete Order Intake / Task analysis – Work Review and Planning (EPICOR ERP)
  • Negotiations of Product ETA / JIT Production Runs / Low Spends
  • Bench Marking Cost/ Evaluations/Negotiations Transportation/Budget Control
  • New Business Developments / Sourcing – New Trends & Market Price Analysis
  • Developing Customer Relations
  • Procurement of Design Materials / Requirements/Feasibility Guidelines
  • Setting up of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Controlling and Measure Points – Customer Satisfaction – Service & Deliveries

Manufactures and sells high head multi-stage and rubber lined slurry pumps, and white metal lined bearings: Purchasing/Procurement Manager From 2015-04 To 2015-06
  • To restructure format Procurement Principles into SAP disciplines
  • Assisting SAP Consultants into migration from Pastel to SAP
  • Running of Audit Trails – Reconciliation of both systems
  • Ensuring all take on balances are complete and true
  • Implementing disciplines of Requisitioning
  • Implementing Correct Cost Centers and Accounting costing codes
  • Implementing Correct BIN Controlling
  • Implementing all Inventory transactions – including Procurement modules
  • Monitoring all Sales requirements, demands WIP and Stock on hand.
  • Constant liaison with Planning & Drawing Office – STOCK CODING
  • Assisting with cataloging and BIN CONTROL
  • Bench Marking – Price Negotiation
  • Preparing Spend Report
  • Preparing SAVINGS REPORT
  • Liaising with all C & F and Transport Agencies
  • Control of IMPORTS and EXPORTS

Leading Manufacturer of Specialised Nonwoven Fabrics: QA & Operations Manager From 2015-11 To 2016-07

Implementation and execution of iso quality standards
Within production/scm/procurement/logistics & warehousing
Efficiencies of processes and procedures

  • Full & Complete QA on Incoming components & Raw Material – by specification Blends & Composites
  • Full Operations of Company processes in conjunction to SCM + Production
  • Procurement against Sales Orders / Forecast against Placed Orders + GIT + SOH = Orders + Strategies (volumes before price increments)
  • Complete Logistics
  • Complete Warehousing
  • Complete Distribution
  • Accounting + Admin
  • Efficiency Analysis – Product Values
  • Using Flow Charts 
  • Introducing &Operating Kanban systems – JIT
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Implementing Inventory Controls & Measures
  • Warehousing Processes – Receipts / Transfers & Distribution
  • Process Practicality

Consumer Electronics: Procurement & Supply Chain Management From 2014-12 To 2015-03
  • Ensure the optimal supply of quality raw materials,(expediting) goods and services in line with business requirements.
  • Develop the formulation and implementation of the procurement strategy. 
  • Develop and implement procurement policies and procedures. 
  • Identify, plan and lead major change initiatives and efficiency improvement activities in procurement to meet current and future business needs. 
  • Oversee and control the review of procurement to ensure continual development and improvement of services. 
  • Contract development & management in line with policies and procedures.
  • Procurement system design, implement and maintain.Optimal management of working capital.
  • Ensure that all delivery deadlines are met and quality control initiatives are in place. Procurement reporting. 
  • Take accountability for risk management within the procurement environment.Ensure continued industry best practice is researched and considered. Develop and maintain relationships with key external partners and vendors. Lead the preparation of plans and budgets for the procurement environment. 
  • Participate in determining resource levels and ensure achievement of goals set.Execution of procurement best practice and cost saving initiatives.Work with internal management to identify cost saving and margin enhancing opportunities and initiatives. Direct line of business purchasing activity in accordance with company policy. 
  • Excellent analytical, interpretive and problem solving skills. Ability to prioritize and multi-task in a fast paced environment, self-directive, proactive and takes initiative. Strong organisational skills, meticulous – quality and detail oriented .
  • Expert level negotiation skills.Strong internal & external relationship management / leadership skills. 
  • Deadline driven, Excellent written and verbal communication skills, Adaptability and flexibility,Strong compliance focus & process management,Familiarity with systems – ERP, procurement & contracting

Electronics Manufacturer : Procurement (As Overseer) / Commercial Exports From 2013-02 To 2013-07
  • Maintaining continued monitoring of Sales data input (Sales Order Book).
  • Identifying &  replenishment of all Sales requirements/components.(Exports)
  • Working with (MPS) – Company Production System – Production Mastersheduler
  • Using Sales Orders / Job Cards No’s to from Requisitions to  P/Orders.
  • Maintenance and Adjustments (informing of all concerned) regarding Orders.
  • Setting confirmed dispatch dates – information distributed to all concerned.
  • Checking &Verifying of all costings (CSDS) – all procurement + other costs.
  • Procuring of all freight and transport and storage costs (AIR/SEA)
  • Negotiating and acquiring best rates applicable – volume and frequencies
  • both Airlines and Seafreight Lines (Operators)
  • Each Product ex-Landis Gyr – after production has to be Configured and  Calibrated according to each Country and Zone (before any ex-warehouse dispatch)
  • Quality Control and Inspections is carried out – by all concerned.
  • All Exports are pre- alerted, thus all planning is pre-planned concerning all Supply Chain Sales distribution and Deliveries – notification.
  • RFQ’s from 3 Clearing & Forwarding Companies are obtained for each shipment and is justified by Company criteria before AWARD.
  • All Order Documents are scrutinized and thoroughly checked before confirmation.
  • Each Product, Value and all required Criteria to Letter Of Credit must be met, including all liable costs to or by Sale Agreement Parties.
  • Transactions to all Supply Chain distribution agents are co-ordinated and expedited in accordance with respective RFQ. (weights,dimension,quantities value & T/H) supplied.
  • INCO terms and all specifications are established according to Customer Order.
  • Pro-forma Invoices and Packing Lists are prepared and sent to Customer/Client
  • LC instruction and each required document is prepared and lodged at relevant Banks
  • which are checked for discrepancies and correction.
  • Once the proforma reaches the Client, the document is then checked,scrutinised and once the Client is satisfied and in agreement ? document proceeds to his Bank for generation of Letter of Credit.
  •  Once a draft LC is done, it is then forwarded to Nedbank or to LG nominated Bank,which then is passed onto the Commercial and Debtors department of LG.
  • The Commercial Manager together with Exports and the Debtors scrutinise the LC and make all necessary adjustments/amendments to Draft LC and sent back to Applicant and his Bank.
  • This is once again checked and scrutinised and after reaching finality,the LC is then amended
  • by his Bank and sent back to LG’s respective Bank.Only amendments to draft and fromthe issuing Bank will be accepted by LG.Once LG is satisfied with the amendments,LG instructs the relevant Bank to add confirmation.
  • LG is then reliant on the Bank rather than the Client for payment of Goods being shipped.
  • Ensure each shipment is adequately insured either by LG Marine Insurance or by Client’s own or by each respective carrier.(GIT)


Summary : Preparation and generating Shipping Doc’s :

  •  Shipping Instructions
  • Road Permits / Road Manifests
  • BOL / Customs Entries / CTO’s / Cargo Dues
  • Certificate Of Origin/Marine Acceptance
  • LOA / SADC Reports / SGS Inspections
  • Commercial Invoices/Packing Lists
  • Other requirements of Individual Countries are prepared accordingly.
  • Checking / Bench marking of Supplier Rates and Services Rendered ? SLA’s
  • Once all shipment documents and Products (including outsourced) are in Order,
  • Shipment is instructed to be collected and shipped on board (seafreight)
  • Or to meet stacks and consolidation of airfreight manifests.
  • Customers/ Clients are then notified of ETA’s of each shipment, which can be tracked
  • and traced according &including preparation of Tendors and Contracts.

Machining Manufacturer: Procurement/Logistics From 2013-10 To 2014-10
  • Daily Monitoring/Verifying of Sales Order Book
  • Daily Checking Stock/Commodities replenishment and requirements.
  • Daily tracking of G.I.T. and despatches (stock)
  • Advanced placement of both Purchase Orders – International & Local
  • Firming such Orders by negotiated Pricing/Quality/ETD & ETD/Certification/INCO & Payment terms.
  • Liaising and negotiating T & C’s with all out-sourced contractors 
  • Liaising with Clearing & Freight Forwarders
  • Arranging and negotiations & verification G.I.T. Insurance of all Transporters
  • Using MRP - ensuring sufficient components and raw material to all SKU’s (Production Lines) - including % loss - Leakages/Wastage/Spillage
  • Ensuring Production always meets Sales Quota and Demand
  • Minimising Stock Loss - Controlling Measures
  • Stock Transfers - Production- Warehouse Receipts - Distribution Binning - Despatch/Distribution - according to Picking Slips/Packing List/Invoicing & POD’s
  • Preparation of Import Files - Complete set documentation - Liaising with Banks regarding all Payments.
  • Monitoring daily sales and distribution - sales targets
  • Handling of all Import Claim matters
  • Handling/Instructing all Unpack/Repack of Containers - LCL cargo
  • Handling and instructing of all Air/Sea Freight shipments
  • Monitoring of Budgeted Spends
  • Management Reporting

Airline - Aviation: Lanseria (Procurement& Aircraft Planning) From 2012-11 To 2013-01
  • Each Aircraft from manufacture build is contracted to NAC for all Maintenance and Regular Services (Africa / Japan / India / Kabul / Australia & America)
  • These Aircrafts are also Customised and built to Order, IAW standards as per International Standards of Flight Control and Checks – SB’s & AD’s.
  • Each Aircraft is monitored by Cycles and Flight Hours.
  • Aircrafts comprise of 4 basic sections è Avionics / Electrical Systems / Mechanical Componentry + Body & Decals & Paint
  • Each Component (Parts No.) MUST carry an IPC / CRMA è International Manufacture Standards of Quality è Specification with Literature.
  • Control and Checks are carried out by Flight Engineers and Superintendantsè Cycles and Ground runs to identify defects in Aircrafts è concerning each single component to be in perfect condition.
  • Using Navision / Amasis 9.2 (upgrade) & Pivotal Systems è All Services / Maintenance and Builds (Engineering Systems) provide most accurate replacement and methods of Operations (IAW) with International Standards.
  • All Ordering/Procurement and Expediting is carried out from this Office (in regulation/specification as to each make of Craft and its componentry & Part Numbers)
  • At regular intervals è each Aircraft  has to return for all checks (A,B,C,D,E,F,G & H Checks and Inspection – including Fire Bottles and Oxygen weights)
  • Each Aircraft has its own Compiled WorkPack – which determines the entire major Checks,Defectsand Inspections è NEW REPLACEMENTS
  • TFU’s & Work Orders follow to the Ground Run resulting in DEFECTS to Aircraft.
  • Each Aircraft is thoroughly examined / Inspected and signed off by each Engineer before released for Flight IAW CAA
  • Estimates are continually sent to Owners of Crafts till the FINAL COST is calculated to close off each Opportunity (costing)

Packaging: Procurement Manager From 2007-2 To 2012-10
  • Products Imported – Glass to suit both Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical / Sprayers / Dispensers/ Actuators / Chemicals / Raw Materials / Glass & Plastic Componentry/Spares / Anodised Caps / Medical Diptubes / Metalised Medical Caps/Engineering parts - February 2007 – 2011 current 
  • Procurements and Inventory Management 
  • Continued monitoring of all Stock levels in all divisions-Warehouse
  • Working in conjunction with all key personnel of storage areas
  • Monitoring of all requisitions/Issues (by history) of all Planning divisions including Supply Chain
  • Ensuring that at any given time – stock availability is adequate.
  • In conjunction with Production and other stores – establish stock requirements /sourcing of Suppliers, Products , Components / Packaging Materials / Raw Materials and availability.
  • Once lead times and availability is established – building of WORK RELATIONS / TRUST and RELIABILITY are key concerns to develop Company strength and direction.
  • Importantly is the QUALITY and STRENGTH of Supplier and it’s products/components.(SLA’s)
  • Before firming Orders,the following has to adhered to
  • Pricing Structure/Requesting of Quotations 
  • Quality of Products/Components
  • Lead Times and Delivery dates (Including on water / air periods) + plus peak season and landside transportation times (Foreign Suppliers)
  • Ensuring that all placed Orders are expedited according to ETA’s/ETD’s and ETS’s and that product/s should be on schedule as PLANNED.(JIT)
  • Once the prices and all other IMPORTANT matters are negotiated and agreed by both parties,the Contract,Agreement or Order can be firmed.
  • These orders are generally generated through the Company’s Computer Systems and is stored as Placed Orders or Outstanding Orders.
  • Once these Order/s is being received – the stores/warehousing receiving clerks are to check carefully that all indentation on “Packing Slips/Delivery Notes” are exactly the same as being charged on Invoice/s.
  • Any discrepancies within the quantities / damages to product / short delivery’s must be inspected and verified together with the driver of the said delivery.
  • This discrepancies would then be endorsed onto the delivery note and counter-signed by driver – who would then inform his Company.
  • This variance would then also be noted by all concerned parties ie. Procurement Dept / Warehousing Manager – staff/Accounts Dept.
  • This discrepancy can either be a Part Shipment (Peak season – space problem) / Part Order or by error of staff.
  • Either a Credit Note is due or carried shipment is expected (free)
  • This can also be applied to continuous orders and must immediately be rectified by both parties and agreed to.
  • All Orders are generally costed within Excel “spreadsheet” and run parallel to Company’s Inventory Modules and immediately compared (For receipting of Stock into Company premises)
  • All Buying Orders depend mainly on Sales demand of each product.
  • This is generally regulated into queue of Production and thereafter delivery.
  • Importantly is that the Procurement department maintains good and honest working relations with both Supplier and Customer and should do what is in the best interest of the Company.(Following Company policies & procedures)
  • The Procurement department MUST at all times be STRONG and firm to maintain and minimize all costs to Company.
  • Controlling Budgets and Finance matters – allocations etc.
  • Ensuring all commodities / components are IN TIME for Production and delivery.
  • Maintaining high and good Standard of Quality Products.
  • Continuous follow-up and expediting of Orders. 
  • Any other function outside the above is very teachable / learnable and can easily adapt and adopt Company procedure.
  • Also worked on SAP/SYSPRO/ACCPAC/BAAN/FMCG and Pastel Modules relating to Procurement and 
  • Inventory Management.Pivoting Tables on Excel to be trained on.
  • Procurement/Shipping/Logistics Manager 
  • Daily checking of both levels – Raw Materials and Finished Products (Prod.Control)
  • Monitoring of Daily Sales Demand – Update of Sales Order bank/Production Planning 
  • Planning of Production Lines - Ensuring of correct componentry & RM
  • Constant liaising with Production / Sales / Exports Sales / Warehousing Points (Planning)
  • Weekly replenishment / Ordering of ALL STOCK REQUIREMENTS
  • Liaising & NEGOTIATION with ALL SUPPLIER POINTS – both local and international
  • Ensuring (calculated dates) ALL IMPORTS are JIT (delay allowance included)
  • Price Structures between Supplier and Company Demand are always negotiated before firming.
  • Working constantly in conjunction with Production Managers – FIRMING delivery & SHIP dates,both Local & EXPORTS.
  • Daily communications with International Factories – confirming all shipment dates,tracking till delivery.
  • Shipping / Logistics – Tasks
  • Replenishment – Placing of all Order Books – keeping constant stock levels
  • Confirming of all IMPORT COMMODITIES – setting of calculated dates
  • Instructing of ALL Forwarder Agent Points – both FCL & LCL (inclusive of consolidation and storage)
  • Booking of Vessels – according to required ETA (Durban & Cape Town) docking
  • Receiving of all COMMERCIAL INVOICES – to prepare pre-clearance Instructions with the TARIFFING codes and verifying of DUTIES applicable.
  • Checking and confirming of ALL IMPORT ENTRIES – FRAMING OF ENTIES - Customs Worksheet calculations,CUTOMS VAT & DUTIES etc. 
  • Liaising/Negotiations with Shipping Line Principle Companies,Clearing & Fowarding Agents, Merchant/Road Hauliers – Spoornet on ALL contracted rates.
  • Handling of Claim Matters – regarding Marine Insurance,Storage/Groupage Depots,Clearing & Delivery Agents.
  • Ensuring ALL calculated COSTS per SHIPMENT are accurate and accounted – as per projections.
  • Ensuring ALL shipments are complete and with containers being “TURNED IN”
  • Costing & Inventory Management
  • Reconciling all Inventory physical RECEIPTS against each COMMERCIAL INVOICE
  • Handling all queries & discrepancies – at all points of STORAGE and MOVEMENT
  • Ensuring ALL CLAIMS are settled timeously
  • After verification & reconciliation of each shipment,each line product is then created on Bill of Landing 
  • and each module of the LCT is then carried out.
  • The FINAL EX-WORKS COSTING is now created – from it’s FOREIGN currency into RAND value – using the correct ROE.
  • The costing then has to be system intergrated from LCT into the AP module.
  • After this procedure is complete,the costing is then CHECKED and BALANCED.
  • Once the costing values have been approved and authorized – each shipment is receipted into STOCK.
  • This is just an overview summary but there are many additional responsibilities on the Logistics,Planning/Warehousing and Despatching (scanning) and Loading areas.Implementation of ISO 9002
  • Procedures/Policies in Areas of Admin/Accounting and Operations.
  • Since Rap Products International has merged with Crystal Pack,it is obvious that the Volume

Electronic: Procurement / Logistics Manager From 2001-01 To 2006-12
  • Management of Imports / Warehousing / Logistics Management
  • Managing all Exports – from point of Incoming Orders to Delivery of Products
  • Preparation of FEC’s (Forward Cover – Rates Of Exchange)
  • Shipping/Freight/Clearing/Forwarding – Liaising with Agents 
  • Processing Instructions -Checking Tariffs, Customs VAT and Duty Payments
  • Sales & Distribution/Route Planning/Forecasts (National & International)
  • Costing Of Shipments – both Air and Seafreight
  • Processing of ALL Stock into Company’s system (receipting)
  • Checking & Authorising Supplier Payments / Reconciliations
  • Total Logistics – Inventory Control from Procurement to Delivery of Sale
  • Liaising with Banks - checking of documentation (T.T’S) and Transfers
  • Liaising with Suppliers – Confirming, Negotiating & Placing O/Seas Orders
  • Verification of Supplier costs per Products
  • Checking and verification of LC’s and other Shipping doc’s
  • Fleet Management – Ordering of New Vehicles / Disposals
  • Handling of Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance 
  • Complete Stannic Reports – Management Recons and Card Usage

Shipping: Commercial H.O.D. – Imports/Exports/Transhipments/ECC Logistics & Operations From 1995-10 To 2000-12
  • Division : Accounts / Imports / Exports / Transhipments / ECC & Operations 
  • Actual Shipping Lines Operations – New Containers - Maintainance 
  • Accounts receivable / Revenue Accounts – Posting to Ledger
  • Reconciling Voyage as per each Shipment to Manifest
  • Identifying Shipments & splitting charges as per Freight Accounts,
  • Overstay Accounts,Disbursement Accounts & Revenue Accounts
  • Reconciling all above Accounts to Ledger & Posting of Journals
  • Controlling all Creditors & Payments – Banking & Cashbook
  • Handling Forex and International Transfers & Guarantees
  • Liaising with Suppliers – Query Handling / Inbond Stores / Hazardous Cargo
  • Commercial Operations :- Checking of all Rates & Tariffs
  • Structuring all Landside & Overborder rates
  • Negotiating Tariffs with Portnet,SACD,Containerlink,Saftainer,Roadwing & Cross Country and other Private Haulier Companies (Container Depots & Warehousing)
  • Rebates between Customs & Excise,Portnet,SACD,Saftainer,Cross Country etc.
  • Handling Claims,liaising with Investigators,Survey Reporting – Insurance
  • Releasing of Shipments – Ensuring all documentation is true and correct
  • Ensuring all payments have been made in full before any shipment release
  • Co-ordinating all shipping instructions and movements as Client & C/F Agents
  • Co-ordinating of Empties and Demurrage Control – Repairs & Maintenance
  • Documentation flow and Management reporting 
  • I.S.O. 9002 (SABS) Implementation & Certification within 6 months
  • Computer Packages : MS Excel / MS Word / Panda / EDI / Accpac / Compuclear
  • Supervision of Staff as per Department

Food and Beverage: General Manager From 1991-01 To 1994-12
  • Managing all functions of Business
  • Procurement of all Supplies / Stocks
  • Inventory Management
  • Costing
  • General Sales
  • Supervising Staff

Food and Beverage: Credit Control / Snr.Inventory / Procurement Administrator From 1981-2 To 1990-12
  • Manual & Telephonic Orders – Computer Processed
  • Screening & Processing of Credit Applications / Credit Limitations & Details
  • Checking Computations – Processing Orders / Delivery Notes / Invoices
  • Account receipt allocations – Banking / Cash Book Entries / Cashflows
  • Controlling Credit Notes / Refunds / Chain Store Rebates / Branch Accounts
  • Driver settlement adjustments / Journals / Posting to Ledger 
  • Petty Cash Control / Voucher Allocations / Reconciliations
  • Age Analysis & Statements / Bad debts Recoveries
  • Preparation & completion of Daily Inventory Reports (Finished Product & Empties)
  • Recording & Entering of Daily Production (Planning)
  • Entering of all Transfers,Receipts,Sales & Losses
  • Controlling Warehouses,Stores & Depots – Distribution/Checking points
  • Liaising with Suppliers and handling of queries
  • Preparation and Completion of all Finished Products & Raw Material Reports
  • Ordering & Buying of all New Purchases & Sourcing
  • Monthly Stock Counts with all Inventory / Financial Reporting – indicative status
  • Costing of Inventory Valuation
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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